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John Forman - Author, The Essentials of Trading

John Forman

Trader, Analyst, Author

think it wouldn't be going too far out on a limb to guess that you would like to be successful trading the markets.

I'm going to make a second guess that you wouldn't mind being like an average Joe I know. He was able to run a starting stake of about $2500 up to a high six figure portfolio - large enough to make a good living for himself and his growing family.

You want to know how he did it?

He knew the markets he traded and he developed a good plan for pulling profits out of them. That might sound very simple and basic, but it's right there that most new traders lose their way.

Let me help you see the right path and get on it.

Billy Williams is that average Joe. Here's what he has to way.

Billy Williams

"What makes John Forman uniquely qualified to teach both the aspiring trader as well as the veteran about professional trading? Itís because John is one of the few traders around that has been proven able to break down successful trading to its bare essentials and communicate it in a way so that the individual can confidently go on to achieve the consistency and reliability they seek in trading todayís markets. Do you want to take your trading to a new level and reach its full potential? Then go now and learn everything you can from this man."

Billy Williams

Billy knows that every trader, regardless of market or timeframe or style, needs a base of knowledge and understanding - a foundation, if you will. From that foundation he or she can build their successful trading. Without it, their trading is likely to eventually collapse, potentially disastrously.

The average trader fails within about 6 months of starting in the markets. Don't let that be you!

A broker friend of mine told me that statistic. It's pretty depressing - even more so because it doesn't have to be that way. To that end, I present..

The Essentials of Trading Course

This course features 9 hours of videos along with a number of support elements

... to give you the proper foundation...

... to put you on the path to successful trading.

This course will have you:

  • Executing trades in the most effective, efficient way to get the entry and exit prices you want and avoid errors which cost you capital and profits.

  • Knowing the influences on price movement and how markets act so you can plan your trades, manage the risks, and make money.

  • Developing a solid, comprehensive Trading Plan focused on reaching your financial goals.

  • Identifying where risk comes from and how to handle it to both protect your portfolio from losses and to find profitable trading opportunities.

  • Evaluating the markets to find the trades that will grow your portfolio.

  • Developing trading systems aimed at producing the returns you want at the risk you are willing to accept.

This is no minor production. The Essentials of Trading Course comes right out of the university classroom. It is constructed to have you learning in the most efficient, effective fashion possible.

"Competence requires curriculum: a systematic approach to learning"
Brett Steenbarger - Enhancing Trader Performance

Don't think for a minute that the course is some boring college class, though. Far from it! It's based on real-world experience and features lots of practice to help integrate what you learn in to your trading.

I am, after all, firstly a trader and market analyst myself, with nearly 25 years of personal experience.

"What John has accomplished is, to my mind, the best general-purpose introduction to trading I have yet encountered. Having run a training program for aspiring professional traders at a proprietary trading firm, I know the questions that new traders ask and the lessons they need to learn. John has clearly addressed these in The Essentials of Trading."

Brett Steenbarger
Professional Trader Trainer & Consultant, Author, Trader

When I was teaching trading to graduate and undergraduate students at the local university, they were paying in excess of $1200 for their seats in the class. Actually, that was just those paying in-state tuition. Out-of-state students were paying several times that amount.

By comparison, you get the benefit of my nearly 25 years of trading and market analysis experience at a huge discount! Not only that, the course comes with some really nice bonuses too.

I'll get to that later, though. First I want to tell you more about the course and what you'll be getting as my student.

The course features:

** A series of audio/video "lectures" you can access on any computer using your web browser, letting you go through them side-by-side with your trading screen.

** A collection of audio recordings featuring some outside experts discussing specific topics related to the course and sharing their experiences.

** Additional support materials including e-books and further audio and video presentations to provide additional support for certain areas of the curriculum.

** Unlimited use of a dedicated course forum by which you can address to me directly any questions you may have.

Here's the course structure

- The 18 lectures are presented over a 90 day period.

- They are spaced to allow time for review and working through the suggested exercises.

- The lectures average about 25 minutes in length.

- Once a lecture (and its supporting material) is released to you, you'll have permanent access to review it whenever and however many times you like.

The Essentials of Trading Course is modeled after how I have taught trading to students with little to no trading experience. There is the drawback of not getting to have the face-to-face interaction, but there's the benefit of you to taking as much time as you need. You can replay the sessions as many time as you like. My college students never had that!

"John Forman is truly unique and has what few others in trading have to offer. He has 20 years experience in the trading industry, PLUS the formal education in Finance, PLUS the experience as an educator at a major university. John has the knack, the training, and the experience for putting together a powerful curriculum and then communicating the essential knowledge in a comfortable and concise fashion to his students. For complete and truly useful training in the field of trading, John is the man to seek out."

Brian McAboy
Author -
The Subtle Trap of Trading

The Essentials of Trading Course will give you the foundation of knowledge and experience you need for long-term trading success.

By the way, an interview with Billy Williams above is included in the course materials so you can hear how he did it. That's just one of the great extras that course students receive. More on that later.

The course is comprehensive. It covers all important aspects of trading from the very basics through developing an effective strategy, including:

  • Trading Mechanics
  • Price Action and its Influences
  • Building a strong Trading Plan
  • Risk & Money Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Trading System Design & Testing
  • Trading Psychology

The presentation of the course and its material was honed over three years in the classroom.

No experience necessary

You can be starting from scratch, or you can already have dabbled in the markets. Unlike most introductory programs, this course will take you from little to no market knowledge and build you up to a working knowledge of trading. Along the way, you will develop the confidence needed to effectively take on the markets.

The course applies to all markets and timeframes. It doesn't matter whether you are a part-timer or you have it in mind to trade full-time, whether you trade stocks or forex. The same basic requirements apply - the essentials.

I'm not here to make a promise of big trading profits. What I do promise is that you will come away understanding how to trade effectively based on your personal situation and objectives.

Your Money-Back Guarantee

You have my unconditional promise that if at any point you are not satisfied with the course, you will get a refund. It's that simple. Just let me know within 60 days and you will get 100% of your money back.


The Essentials of Trading Course will show you how to make good trades and avoid the bad ones that could potentially cost you HUGE money in losses.

More than that, of course, is how the Course will provide you with the tools you need to trade positively - to make real money trading.

And that's not all you get!

A major problem many traders have is the money they spend on trading educational products and all kinds of trading services. They do it in pursuit of the system, technique, or bit of information that's going to help them master the markets.

With the knowledge you gain from the course you will be able to make good decisions about what trading products and services are likely to do you some good, and which are not.

Not only will you come away from the course will the foundation of knowledge you need to trade well, you will also have the knowledge to save yourself potentially thousands on useless trading products!

Are you ready to discover the keys to trading success?

As my student you will receive:

  • 9 hours worth of video cover everything you need to know to put your trading on the path to true success

  • Added e-books, video and other resources to support the course

  • 4 hours of bonus interview audio featuring interviews and discussions with experienced traders, like Billy Williams.

It all comes in one easy to use online presentation. Just log in and you'll be able to get going right away! The first lecture will be waiting.

Oh, and you also get the dedicated student-only forum you can use to communicate to me any questions you might have about the materials and talk about course topics with your fellow students.

So are you ready to get what you need to trade successfully?

When I ran this course in a live fashion students paid $997. All I'm asking for the online version, which contains even more information and resources with the advantage of letting you go along at your own pace, is $197.

That's right! You get the same material and information, plus the bonuses for less than 1/5th the original cost!

Jump on it now!

YES John! - I Want to Discover SUCCESSFUL TRADING!

Register me for the Course now!

Put your trading on the right
path for just $197!

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Note: Payments are handled by PayPal, but an account is not required. Credit cards are accepted.


I look forward to working together toward your success in the markets.

Best Wishes in your Trading,

author at

P.S.: To recap, the home-study edition of The Essentials of Trading Course includes a complete series of audio/video lectures, plus a collection of audio seminars with experienced traders, a bunch of additional support materials, and a dedicated support forum.

P.P.S.: Remember, not only do you get a great course to help you make the most of your trading, but you get it at 80% off the original course price. That's $900 in savings!

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